About Us

Our Approach

There are many film production companies, individuals who all make great content. We do not claim to be better than any other film maker / producer. We simply make film that interests us and hope someone out there will also enjoy our work.

We are simple story tellers using a number of differing formats available to us to share something meaningful..... realavant for today, more so tomorrow.

Our Story

Many people have dabbled with film making. Some have attended film school. Some make a living from producing film. Your story may differ.

Our story started with family vacations, followed by independant travel, followed by filming underwater, followed by filming from the sky, followed by buying more equipment and experimental film making.

Forever learning, making mistakes, capturing "Wow" moments and deleting "Agh" moments....... This story has just begun and who knows when it will end..... In the meantime we can't wait to start to tell our next story.

Next Steps...

If you'd like to say hi and chat and share film making stories, press that button.